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Why Storylation?

Storylation was founded to challenge the way people interact online. By prioritising our users stories instead of their pictures, we get people interested in each other for who they are, not what they look. And because authenticity matters, our users stories are told by their friends, not themselves.

Why Storylation Matters

By shifting the focus from ourself to others, we improve the way people interact online and in real life. Studies have shown that gratitude is associated with greater happiness. We envision a society where people support each other, where kindness and empathy are the currencies of all relationships.

How Storylation Works

Our users share positive stories about people they care. Light-hearted or inspiring story, it aims to spark interest in someone by highlighting what makes them unique: their story. By catching a glimpse of someone, our users find it easier to let that person fit into their life, that meaning making a new friend, dating or creating business opportunities.

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